Easy Go Travel

We offer our very own Easy Go Travel desk where you will be able to book:

  • Bus tickets domestic or international

  • Train tickets

  • Airplane tickets Domestic or international

  • Private Cars or Minibuses

  • Motorbike rent

  • Car rent

  • Bicycle rent

  • Selected Easy GO Tours (TREKKING, Waterfall Trips)

  • Rock Climbing

  • Hot Air balloons Ride

if you are traveling to Vangvieng by Bus there are Local Buses, VIP Buses and Express Mini Busses from Vientiane and Luang-Prabang. Buses from Luang-Prabang drop you off at the New Bus Station situated next to the new market about 2 km north of Vangvieng the next step is to take A Tuk-Tuk from the Local Station in to town.  If coming from Vientiane you may be dropped off at a number of places dependent on which bus company you are traveling with. It may be at Thavisouk Resort, Malany Guesthouse or the old bus station. All places are in easy walking distance of The Easy Go Hostel

Visa Information

Visa on arrival are available at the Friendship Bridge, Vientiane and Luang-Prabang airports as well as Chong Mek. Entry formalities are likely to be relaxed as tourism is expanding you can also apply for a visa at the Laos Embassy, which takes three days to process for latest information on visas contact the Laos Embassy closest to you.

Visa Requirements

¥ Documentary Requirements
¥ An application form filled and signed by the applicant
¥ Two recent photographs
¥ Passport must have at least six months remaining validity

Types of Visas

Tourist Visa Provides you with one month stay in Laos but they can be extended for two additional months visa request can be processed either through a guarantor in Laos or the Laos Embassy.