MotorBike Trail 1day - 2day

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Kayaking Tour

One day kayaking tour on Song River with beautiful scenery, and a most funny detour, tubing through a deep, dramatic cave. In the morning you'll travel by Tuk-Tuk, going 20km north of Vang Vieng, where your experienced guide will give you some basic instructions and program of your day. You will see beautiful woodland, jungle rapids and a clear river. Along the way we will stop at a local Lao village. Your English-speaking guide will explain to you the Lao culture.


From here you'll walk to discover the mystic Elephant Cave that is surrounded by a vast, lush countryside. Inside the cave you'll see the large "Elephant Stone" - after which the cave is named - along with many Buddha statues that date back centuries. From here we'll trek to another cave. This 200 m long tubing cave gives you opportunity to swim inside and explore it by tube. This is a lot of fun.


After lunch, which includes a BBQ and fresh fruit, we will go to the river. In the remaining afternoon we'll take a kayak down the Nam Song River so that you can watch the sunset behind the mountains. Along the way back to Vang Vieng we'll have the opportunity to stop an one or a number of the riverfront bars which will give you the chance to rope swing, "zip wire" and cliff jump into the river below or simply sit, relax and enjoy the views


Trekking and Cycling


Vang Vieng is a great destination for exploring and a great way to do this is via a Tour Group For those tired of the usual tuk-tuks and bumpy bus rides, one may opt to get around by bicycle. A Bike Tour of Vang Vieng is a great way to encounter the countryside more up close and personal, plus it weighs a lot less on the environment. The cycling tour takes you to Vang Vieng’s neighbouring villages and caves.




Not to be missed in Vang Vieng are its cave formations. The most famous caves are Tham Xang (Elephant cave), an important Buddhist temple, and Tham Hoi (Snail cave), which winds itself deep into the heart of the mountain. Tham Chang is well worth the visit - an extensive network high up in the mountains.  One way to explore these caves is through a Vangvieng Tour Group, which also provides an immersion into Vang Vieng’s peaceful farm life.


Rock climbing

Bizarre bock formations and caves abound in this karst landscape. Vang Vieng offers opportunities for, trekkers, bikers, rafters and rock climbers and together it has become an Eldorado for backpackers. A 'rock climbing Eldorado' is perhaps exaggerating; there are only three sectors with 10 to 20 routes respectively. Sleeping Wall and Secret Canyon (5b to 7c) the most popular crag, Phatan (5c bis 8a+) one of the best crags in Vang Vieng with hard routes and Pho Doeng MT (6a bis 7a+) set in a beautiful landscape with moderate difficulty routes.. The climbing in VV is just starting but has a huge potential, for many climbers the new route potential here is the main attraction.


Blue Lagoon (Golden Cave)


An entrance fee of 10,000 kip gets you inside to see the reclining Buddha and glimmering stalactites that give the cave its name, but the main attraction is the swimming lagoon with gorgeous green-blue waters, a rope swing, and fish that you can feed. The lagoon and the cave are the main attraction on the loop, a route on the West side of the Nam Song popular with motorcyclists and trekkers. With a further five caves, three villages and several river crossings along the way, the loop heads west through rice fields and deep into karst country before swinging back on itself, and returning to town along a different track.


Vangvieng From The Skies

Ballooning is a unique experience. Especially interesting is it to see the relatively untouched and mostly uninhabited surroundings of Vang Vieng.


There are four balloons. They are for four, six or eight persons. Starting time is daily at 6am, 7am and 4pm. The trip takes about one hour

Volunteering opportunities


Organic Farm promotes the use of natural materials and traditional methods for growing its crops and raising its animals.  They encourage visitors to participate in the operation of The Farm and provide an opportunity for those who wish to learn more about organic farming.


If you want to work at there beautiful farm. Plant trees, make mulberry tea, tend the vegetable garden, feed and milk the goats, construct or decorate a mud houses or teach English. All Profits from The Farm are used to provide training and employment, support and education to the local villagers through various projects.
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